From ice cream and sandwich shops to casual dining, there is something to suit everyone’s budget. We frequent and recommend the following local eateries!

Grand Gorge / Stamord Area

Sundaes Ice Cream and Sandwich: just 5 minutes from the lodge in Grand Gorge, (and one of our favorite lite-bites) let Mike and Susan’s niece Tracy serve you her delicious soft serve, or hard ice cream. Have one of her famous hamburgers or wings!


T&P’s Café: Only 15 minutes away, a great place for soup, burgers, breakfast and lunch. 


Clark’s by the Dam: Excellent hamburgers and bar food (bar also).


Vasta’s Italian Deli and Pizzaria: located about 15 minutes from our lodge, enjoy great Italian dining (casual or more formal), pizza, subs, the best local wings, and a full bar area. (bowling alley located on premises)


Mama Maria’s: Another great Italian dining experience, located 15 minutes away in Stamford. 


Bella Michael’s: Another hidden secret of Oneonta’s with delicious Italian menu. Bring your appetite!


Brook’s House of BBQ and Chicken: So famous they ship their special patented BBQ recipe sauce all over the world. Expect a short wait while eating inside or outside at this famous BBQ restaurant.


Middleburg Area

The Middle Village Pasta Grill:  Good Italian food, steaks and daily specials right in the heart of the Schoharie valley. Just about 15 minute drive from Morkaut’s.


Hubie’s Italian Restaurant: Just 15 minutes up the road from us in Middleburg , Pizza by the slice, or a more formal sit down formal dining room, Hubie’s has great dinners, subs, and a pleasant wait-staff to make you feel at home.


Windham / Ashland Area

The Brandywine: One of our personal favorites, located about 20 minutes away from our lodge, is known for their excellent dinners and they have absolutely without a doubt the best martini’s in the east! Make sure to tell Beverly the bar tender Mike and Sue sent you and that we say “Cheers”!