If museums and local history interest you; check out the links below. Gilboa and it's surrounding area is so rich in history. Check out these Museums or ask Mike and Susan about which ones are their favorites!

Lansing Manor/ New York State Power Authority

     Located only 5 minutes from the Lodge, this local museum has historic importance, and also a visually stimulating and informative museum showcasing Gilboa’s pump storage power facility. Here you can learn how we have the ability to use gravity and water to make electricity.


Gilboa Museum

     Take a walk to this museum if you want, located only a ¼ mile from our lodge at the end of Stryker Road, the Gilboa Museum will show you the great history of our town, and some pre-historic history as well.


Pratt Rock/Museum

     Located only 15 minutes East of our lodge, stop by this local museum for history on the mysterious business man, Zadock Pratt who influenced our area, and hike up a moderate trail to see the carvings he had made. 


Hanford Mills Museum

     Located only about 25 minutes West of our lodge, check out this museum dedicated to displaying and educating people about antique farm equipment, and the best part… the equipment is functional!


Brewery Ommegang

     Located about 50 minutes North of our Lodge, stop by this operating brewery (on the way to Cooperstown) for a tour and see the secret way they achieve that unique taste! Be sure to purchase some of their ale for your friends and family back home!


Cooperstown National Baseball Hall of Fame

     Located about 65 minutes North of our lodge, at the headwaters for the Susquehannah and the Chesapeake bay is the Historic village of Cooperstown, NY. Here you can find the National Baseball Hall of Fame Museum and its famous Double Day field. After checking out the museum, shop along the historically preserved village street. Many eateries are available for your appetite, and boat rides are available to tour the Otsego Lake located walking distance in town.



The Farmers Museum

     Located about 40 minutes North of our Lodge, the farmers museum is another great experience if you are heading to Cooperstown to get a firsthand experience of how life was in our area during the Agricultural age.


The Old Stone Fort

     Located only 20 minutes North of our lodge, this local museum shows how the local area contributed to our nations freedom and what life was like in the late 1700’s. Take the kids for an experience that they can remember forever.


The Iroquois Museum

     Located only 30 minutes north of our lodge, stop in this museum to find out about the inhabitants of our area, before the colonial settlers arrived. See longhouses and learn about the Iroquois Indians.


The New York State Museum

     Located about 50 miles Northeast of our lodge in Albany, this State museum is definitely something you want to take memories home from. This Museum has local history, State history, and the Albany capital district history which helped shape our great area.